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Saying Yes

*Let me preface by saying that this post has absolutely nothing to do with a marriage proposal–my sincerest apologies if the title had you feeling confused. I’m probably not your girl for that kind of thing.

Life is stressful. Let’s just lay it out there. I have mornings when I wake up and it feels like the the universe is telling me to give up and try again tomorrow. My hair looks terrible, I’m stuck in traffic, and the radio DJ won’t stop playing that annoying Meghan Trainor song that’s been stuck in my head for 87 years. Not to mention I end up at work with toothpaste on my face. (Speaking from real life experience here? Absolutely.) There are moments when all I want to do is crawl back into bed and avoid everything on my agenda. I decide to say a giant ‘NO’ to life’s responsibilities.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the number of times we say no to things in life–whether it be trying a new food, taking on another project, or going on a date with that one guy from the office who has been making subtle comments about it for weeks. Learning to say no properly is a life skill that keeps us from biting off more than we can chew or ending up stuck at Olive Garden with aforementioned creepy office guy. It’s essential. But I also can’t help wondering how different my life might look if I made an intentional effort to say yes to things more often.

Yes, let’s go to the free concert featuring that artist you’ve never heard of. Lunch at the random restaurant across the street? Sure thing. Need help building shelves in a blazer and heels? I’m your girl. (This happened at Alpha Gam Convention and I can honestly tell you it was an empowering experience that I’d highly recommend.) Running a marathon or hiking the Appalachian trail? Let’s DO IT. Especially if it’s raining.

I know I write often about taking advantage of new experiences, but it’s something I’m decidedly committed to and continually working to implement in my own life. I want to be the kind of person that says yes on the regular and uses no as the requisite exception. I want to look back and say that I made a consistent effort to live outside my comfort zone, the only place where substantive growth can take place. That’s why I’m spending this year on the road without a washing machine or much semblance of normalcy. This is my year of saying one giant yes.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver

Embrace boldness. Eat chocolate for breakfast. Say yes the next time someone makes a ridiculous request. You’ll probably end up thankful you did it, and if not–at least you’ll have a great story, right?


PS–Hello from Tuscaloosa! Stay tuned for updates on my travels as a Leadership Consultant for Alpha Gam this year and my takeaways from summer training at International Headquarters. I promise they’re coming your way soon. Meanwhile, I am loving my time this week with the women of Psi Chapter, and I can’t wait to share more about what I’m learning from them!

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