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At a Glance: Liberty, Missouri

Today I walked around what I’m convinced is the real life set of Gilmore Girls. Liberty, Missouri is a suburb located about 20 minutes outside of Kansas City and home to William Jewell College, a private liberal arts college of around 1,000 students. I’m here this weekend visiting our Epsilon Epsilon chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta, and I am quickly learning why they call this place a hidden gem (because it’s a “Jewell,” get it?).

Liberty has the most authentic small town feel, which is amazing considering its proximity to downtown Kansas City. I’ve visited the KC area before because my dad grew up there, but this is my first time in Liberty and I have to say I’m falling in love. One of my favorite parts of this job is getting the chance to explore places I might never see otherwise, and this afternoon I got to do just that. Here are some highlights from my stroll through the campus and town square!

How beautiful is this place? If you ever get the chance to stop here while you’re in the area I highly recommend it. The historic downtown square has a collection of antique shops, boutiques, and a lovely coffee shop called Hammerhand where I holed up for several hours to do some writing. The fall colors are especially vibrant this time of year and I am in awe of how peaceful and secluded the town feels. I’m an urban girl at heart so the fact that this serene little suburb exists so close to the city is the best of both worlds.

One more pro tip: Try the frozen custard at Sheridan’s! The Alpha Gams are taking me there tonight and I have heard it’s a local favorite. Stay tuned to see if it lives up to the hype.


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