Day in the Life: MiMi Scardulla

MiMi Scardulla, a New York City-based actress, dancer and choreographer, auditions actors for her new musical “How Christmas Feels,” opening November 29 at the Boston Plaza Theatre in Boston, MA. October 4, 2017.
Scardulla, shown here with writer Zach Teague, will be directing the show as part of her work with Create Inspire Change Theater Company, where she serves as Associate Artistic Director. The nonprofit theatre company provides art education to low-income families in the Boston area.
Scardulla worked with writers Matt Lowy (above) and Zach Teague to bring the show to life. It will feature a ten-person cast and original script and score. Here, Scardulla and Lowy run through a song between auditions.
Scardulla is well-versed in the world of musical theatre, having worked as a dancer, actor, choreographer and director. “I’m a little bit like the Paula Abdul of musical theater,” she says of the multiple roles she is accustomed to playing. “I wear a lot of hats.”
In addition to her work with Create Inspire Change, Scardulla is a dance teacher for Broadway Dreams, a non-profit that hosts week-long musical theatre intensives for students of all ages. She coaches performers from age five to those as old as fifty, proof in her eyes that “it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.”
After a morning of callbacks, Scardulla, Teague and Lowy have found their cast. Rehearsals for the show will begin in early November. 
“I think actors often get put in a single box,” says Scardulla, shown here with her dog Gypsy as she practices an original dance routine she will be teaching next week. “As a woman, if I have different strengths, I want to wake up in the morning and be able to pull from all of those.”
Scardulla, a champion for self-confidence and body positivity, was featured in the October/November 2017 issue of PeopleStyle magazine for her work as a dancer and her encouraging message to young women. “I was honored to share my story and show that anyone at any size can be a dancer and command a stage,” Scardulla remarks of the experience.