Humans of New York

“Every day I have one mission I like to accomplish. There’s always something on my mind that I want to do, and I make it my business to do it because it keeps me involved. There’s a sense of accomplishment. It may be very small, but nevertheless, it’s there.”
“Jon Voight was in the CVS Pharmacy on 6th Avenue on Tuesday. I go in, and right away, I say, “I love Midnight Cowboy, and even though our politics are different, you’re a great actor.” With that, he got into a fighting stance, really comical and in great spirits. It was so lovable and took me by surprise. As he was getting in the cab, I said in a loud voice, “You’re my favorite Republican!” It was a moment for the ages. People come together here, and it doesn’t get better than that.”

Photos shot on Canon Rebel DSLR in Washington Square Park, New York, New York.