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The NYC Dating Scene ft. Subtext Co-Host Sarah Ellis

Rookies In The Real World - June 2020

Sarah spoke with Lauren Lapid about how to navigate the dating scene during your first year in the city, stereotypes to watch out for, and the key to building confidence and shaking off nerves.

Interview On Repeat Customer Podcast

Repeat Customer - May 2019

When dating app Hinge shifted its platform to mobile and adopted the swipe feature, its customer base soared along with its valuation. But as hookup culture gripped the Millennial demographic, founder Justin McLeod realized Hinge’s new customer experience was working against its mission of helping people find lasting and fulfilling relationships.

Is The World Ready For Male Birth Control?

WNYC Midday Show - August 2019

Sarah Ellis and Logan Nickels discuss the challenges of bringing male birth control to the market, the main issue is shifting cultural attitudes towards birth control.

Sex, Binaries & Belief: Interview with Danielle Isbell

Godcast - February 2018

Sarah Ellis and Danielle Isbell get into what they were first taught about sex, how they think about sex now, and what may or may not be troubling about straight women’s sexuality in the church.

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