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19 Hours With StripTok’s Kayla Ann

Bustle - April 2022

Kayla Ann decided at 15 years old that she wanted to be a stripper. “I was always the flirty girl in high school, and I liked big heels and it just made sense,” she recalls. She started pole-dancing classes at 16, then got her dancing license in California the day after her 18th birthday. “I just loved it,” she says now, years later. “I couldn’t go back to a normal 9-to-5 after that.”

Does ‘The Ultimatum’ Love Traditional Marriage Or Hate It?

Bustle - April 2022

The Ultimatum’s focus on monogamy — while using polyamory to create drama and move the plot forward — strikes an ironic chord similar to that of The Bachelor franchise. Both shows put traditional marriage on a pedestal and recruit contestants who ascribe to that ideal, then ask them to practice non-monogamy in service of ultimately finding “the one.”

Deepti Vempati Knows Her Worth — And Wants You To Believe In Yours

Elite Daily - March 2022

f there’s one thing pretty much everyone can agree on right now, it’s that Deepti Vempati is reality TV’s current it girl. Over 10 episodes on Love Is Blind, millions watched as Vempati got engaged to Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, then persevered through an increasingly rocky relationship as Chatterjee made critical comments about her appearance behind her back.

You Want An Abortion. Your Partner Doesn’t. Here’s How To Navigate It.

Elite Daily - January 2022

There is no one “right” reaction to finding out you’re dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. You might come to a decision about next steps quickly and easily, or you might feel pulled in multiple directions. If you and your partner disagree about how to handle the pregnancy, that added emotional weight can feel unsettling and scary.

What Makes A Voice Sexy, Anyway?

Bustle - November 2021

For 27 blissful hours in the fall of 2020, I listened to Barack Obama narrate his latest memoir, A Promised Land. I don’t normally gravitate toward audiobooks, but the moment I learned it was Obama himself doing the narration, I downloaded the Audible track faster than you can say “my fellow Americans.” I’d be lying if I said I listened to Obama’s book for any other reason than this: His voice is incredibly sexy.

How Late Can You Get An Abortion? Here’s How To Find Out

Elite Daily - October 2021

Depending on where you live, abortion laws could be very restrictive or fairly lenient, which is why it’s crucial to figure out your state’s current laws and regulations as soon as you can. Beyond understanding how and where you can get an abortion, if you’re curious about how late you can get an abortion, you should know it depends on a variety of logistical factors.

How Much Does An Abortion Cost? It Depends On Your State & Insurance

Elite Daily - October 2021

Choosing to get an abortion is a very personal decision, and only you can decide if it’s the right thing for your health and your body. It’s important to inform yourself about your options so you feel comfortable moving forward.

2 Relationship Experts Break Down What Happened Between Greg & Katie On “The Bachelorette”

Elite Daily - August 2021

Even in a situation this complicated, one thing is obvious: Conflict resolution is a skill that matters a lot in romantic relationships. The more earnestly you navigate these tough conversations with your partner (and the more you examine your own blind spots), the better prepared you’ll be to avoid a worst-case scenario.

All In Your Head

HealthCentral - July 2021

The idea that the brain shapes our experience of pain is sometimes controversial for the chronic community. People with an illness not readily visible can encounter resistance from the medical community when seeking treatment for their pain.

Uganda’s New Criminalization Bill Further Endangers Those in the Sex Industry

Women's Media Center (Women Under Siege) - June 2021

On May 3, the Ugandan Parliament voted to pass the 2019 Sexual Offenses Bill, which reinforces the criminalization of sex work and same-sex relations under the pretense of strengthening protections against sexualized violence. The consequences of this new legislation will fall heaviest on women and marginalized groups during an already fraught year.

How Gender Stereotypes Harm Women With Chronic Pain

HealthCentral - April 2021

Though women are more likely than men to experience chronic pain—21.7% of women had chronic pain in 2019, as opposed to 19% of men—they also face patriarchal stereotypes that can make it harder for them to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Could Measles Be The Next Big Outbreak?

HealthCentral - April 2021

Many parents are feeling a crucial tension this year: What’s the line between minimizing COVID exposure and being proactive about your child’s other health needs? Unfortunately, this has led to a marked decrease in pediatric vaccination rates in the U.S., which could leave children susceptible to other infectious diseases like measles, pertussis, or polio.

Chronic During COVID: A HealthCentral Special Report

HealthCentral - March 2021

This last year has been one giant exercise in uncertainty, especially for people living with chronic illness. Doctor’s appointments, once such a regular part of life, suddenly started to look quite different. Telehealth services in the United States increased by 154% from 2019 through part of 2020, revolutionizing the health care system virtually overnight.

The Psychology of Chronic Pain

HealthCentral - February 2021

The pains started in Debbie Cook’s feet when she was a dancer in high school. Soon after, it spread to her hands, then eventually her neck and back. Cook, 45, from Hueytown, AL, sought out doctor after doctor to diagnose her traveling pain, but no one could.

Why the Maternal Health Crisis Needs Bold Solutions—Especially in the South

Rewire News Group - February 2021

According to the March of Dimes 2020 report on maternal and infant health, the states with the highest levels of infant mortality and preterm births are mostly concentrated in the Southeast. This crisis is a multilayered problem, with deep roots in the history of racism and a continued foothold in lack of access to care.

In Mozambique, Community-Based Model for Reproductive Health Care Serves Women in Sex Trade

Women's Media Center (Women Under Siege) - January 2021

Aida spends her mornings like many other working people in Beira, Mozambique — out on the job. Her “office” is a mobile health clinic, and her goal is to reach one key underserved population: sex workers. Aida and her team are current or former sex workers themselves.

Karamo Brown On His Experience Living With Migraine

HealthCentral - January 2021

Here’s something you might not know about Brown: He has been living with migraines since he was in high school. Growing up, he dealt with stigma from friends and family who didn’t understand the severity of his condition. “When it comes to migraine, it’s more than a headache,” he says. “It’s debilitating in so many ways.”

The Indigenous Woman Leading the Fight to Save the Arctic Wildlife Refuge

Women's Media Center (FBomb) - November 2020

For Bernadette Demientieff, the Arctic was never just some far-off region portending the coming horrors of climate change. Fort Yukon, Alaska, is home to her, and warming temperatures have long been a devastating reality.

How The Breast Cancer Community Is Taking On Photo Censorship

HealthCentral - October 2020

Earlier this month, something strange started happening to the Instagram account for The Breasties, a nationwide nonprofit breast cancer support group. The account admins noticed that mastectomy images they posted kept getting labeled as “sexual activity.”

Meet The Environmental Organizer Making Waves In Tennessee’s Senate Race

Supermajority News - September 2020

Marquita Bradshaw is a 46-year-old community organizer who made history as the first Black woman to receive a major party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Tennessee. We spoke about about her activist career, being a “first,” and why we all need to vote this fall.

How To Cope With 2020 Election Stress

HealthCentral - October 2020

A recent survey conducted on behalf of the American Psychological Association (APA) found that 68% of U.S. adults consider the 2020 presidential election to be a significant source of stress in their lives.

West Virginia’s First Trans Lawmaker On Why Local Elections Matter

Supermajority News - October 2020

On June 9, 26-year-old Rosemary Ketchum became one of only 27 openly transgender elected officials across the United States. We spoke about local politics, racial justice, and “the intersectionality of what it means to be vulnerable.”

What We Can Learn From RBG’s Remarkable Cancer Fight

HealthCentral - October 2020

The late Justice battled five bouts of cancer over a span of 21 years, remaining active in the halls of the Court and attending speeches, interviews, and other widely publicized events.

Meet Shawn Bethea, The Crohn’s Advocate Fighting for Racial Justice

HealthCentral - September 2020

Bethea has lived with IBD since 2009, and her reality as a Black woman has impacted the way she’s treated in hospitals, the way she is forced to present her emotions, and the way she thinks about her role in the world.

Chadwick Boseman & The Rise of Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer

HealthCentral - September 2020

On August 28, Boseman died after a four-year battle with colon cancer he never spoke publicly about, leaving his fans and colleagues reeling at the unexpected loss of a man whose career was just beginning.

Should Paid Period Leave Be A Thing?

HealthCentral - September 2020

On average, a woman spends 3,000 days of her life menstruating. This breaks down to 40 years, once per month, for approximately six days each cycle.

Gasping For Air: The Truth About COPD & Climate Change

HealthCentral - August 2020

Climate change is dangerous for everyone, but it’s particularly dangerous for the 16 million Americans living with COPD. Rising temperatures, increasing humidity, and soaring summer pollution all conspire to not only increase symptoms but also hospitalizations, and even deaths.

Uterine Fibroids’ Disproportionate Impact on Women of Color

HealthCentral - July 2020

Despite being so common, fibroids are a somewhat mysterious medical complication. They can lead to heavier periods, painful sex and frequent urination, complications in pregnancy and labor, and in rare cases, infertility.

How Police Brutality Harms The Mental Health Of Black Americans

HealthCentral - June 2020

One study published in The Lancet found that police killings of unarmed Black Americans can have an impact on Black citizens, lasting for at least three months after the incident.

What We Can Learn About Trauma, from Experts & Survivors

HealthCentral - June 2020

Eight years after the motorcycle crash that changed her life forever, Rebekah Kousa saw the inside of an ambulance for the first time since the accident. As the group approached the ambulance, Kousa started shaking, broke out in sweat, and felt like she couldn’t breathe.

Sleep Debt: How To Make Up For Lost Sleep & Why It Matters

mindbodygreen - March 2020

Chances are good that you need more sleep. According to the CDC, around one in three American adults get less than seven hours of sleep per night. And trying to catch up on the weekends may not be enough.

If You’re Comparing ‘The Bachelor’s Madison & Luke P., You’re Missing 1 Big Thing

Elite Daily - February 2020

Despite the obvious parallels, Madison and Luke P.’s views on sex are different from each other in one really crucial way, and they highlight an important facet of navigating differences in expectations regarding sex in relationships.

FYI, There’s A Term For What Victoria F. Did To Peter During Hometowns

Elite Daily - February 2020

An unexpected turn of events led to a blow-out fight during which Victoria gaslit Peter when he attempted to understand more about her romantic history. Gaslighting is a classic indicator of a toxic relationship.

3 Doctors Weigh In On How Often It’s Safe To Take Plan B

Elite Daily - February 2020

Emergency contraception probably isn’t something you think about every day, but when you do need it, it can provide a real sense of security. Even just knowing the morning-after pill is available can help you breathe easier and enjoy sex free of worry.

PMS Depression: What It Is & How To Find Relief

Greatist - February 2020

For better or worse, your period often makes it very clear when it’s on the way each month. It’s like that great-aunt at the family reunion who feels the need to announce to absolutely everyone that she has arrived and won’t be ignored.

Hannah Godwin’s Quote About Falling For Dylan Barbour Is The Cutest — EXCLUSIVE

Elite Daily - January 2020

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour didn’t have your typical “boy meets girl” love story. They met on the set of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, and fans of the show will remember that their relationship was anything but certain at first.

Psst, Here’s The Truth About Getting Pregnant From Period Sex

Elite Daily - December 2019

Sex doesn’t have to be off-limits during your period. When you’re in the right mood (AKA, not curled up watching reruns of The Office while you deal with your cramps), sex on your period can be awesome.

The Knot & Pinterest Will Limit Their Promotion Of Plantation Weddings

Elite Daily - December 2019

Pinterest and The Knot Worldwide will lessen the promotion of plantation weddings on their sites in an effort to discourage the support of venues that once housed slaves, according to a Dec. 4 report by BuzzFeed News.

According to 3 (S)experts, Here’s How Often Most Couples Have Sex

Greatist - December 2019

Picture this: You’re at brunch with your squad after weeks of trying to get everyone together. The mimosas start flowing, the gossip gets thrilling, and inevitably the conversation takes a very *ahem* personal turn.

The Women Who Confronted Harvey Weinstein Held A Comedy Show By Rape Survivors

Elite Daily - November 2019

Amber Rollo never expected to come face-to-face with Harvey Weinstein. But on Oct. 23, at an Actor’s Hour event at Downtime Bar in NYC, she noticed Weinstein sitting in the audience and knew she had to say something.

I Missed My Period, But The Pregnancy Test Was Negative. What’s The Deal?

Greatist - December 2019

In all likelihood, you’ve got your menstrual cycle down to a science. So when you miss your period, it can immediately trigger the pressing question, “Am I pregnant?”

I Tried Mandy Moore’s Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe & Things Got Messy

Elite Daily - November 2019

Thanksgiving is the ideal excuse to subject your favorite people to your baking endeavors, regardless of whether they’re actually any good. My family can tell you all too well how often I’ve done this, to varying results.

Here’s What To Consider Before Announcing Your Breakup On Instagram

Elite Daily - November 2019

Lauren, 20, just wanted the freedom to move on from her recent breakup. She dreaded having to rehash the split over and over to friends who’d inevitably ask how her boyfriend was doing.

Most People Use Dating Apps For Validation — Is That Bad?

Elite Daily - November 2019

On the heels of a bad breakup, Kristina, 27, wasn’t ready to find a new partner just yet. She wanted an easy, drama-free way to boost her confidence — so she downloaded Tinder Gold.

JoJo Revealed How She & Jordan Knew They Wanted To Get Married & I’m Crying — EXCLUSIVE

Elite Daily - October 2019

This couple has been blessing my life with cute content ever since they got engaged on JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette back in 2016. They’re currently in the midst of planning their wedding, which will reportedly take place sometime next year.

I Tried On Neil Lane Rings & Felt Like A ‘Bachelor’ Winner

Elite Daily - October 2019

I’ve been watching the Bachelor franchise for years, and although I love the drama, there’s one more thing I can’t get enough of: the engagements. (Yes, I’m that girl at the watch party who can be found not-so-subtly trying to hide her watery eyes.)

Neil Lane Reveals How He Helps ‘Bachelor’ Stars Choose The Perfect Ring — EXCLUSIVE

Elite Daily - October 2019

If there were an award for the most underrated star of Bachelor Nation, it would definitely go to jeweler Neil Lane. Every season, Lane meets with the final few contestants as they prepare to propose, and he helps them choose a ring to go along with that special moment.

Endometriosis After a C-Section: Everything You Need to Know

Greatist - October 2019

You had a baby! Congrats! We know you’re dealing with a lot of new challenges, which can be extra frustrating if you’re recovering from a cesarean delivery. That frustration can be even greater if you’re noticing scarring or inflammation that seems abnormal.

Betty Who Reveals Her First Rule-Breaking Moment

Elite Daily - September 2019

Betty Who remembers the exact moment that kicked off her rebellious streak. She was in eighth grade, a student at an all-girls Christian boarding school outside Sydney, Australia, and she wanted another ear piercing.

Hannah G. Reveals The Secret To Making Her Relationship With Dylan Work — EXCLUSIVE

Elite Daily - September 2019

After months of having to keep their relationship private, Godwin is excited for her future with Barbour. And what does that future look like? “Just continuing to support each other in every aspect of life, which is career but also going on this crazy path together,” she explains.

Ugh, Why Am I Having Cramps After My Period Is Over?

Greatist - August 2019

So many things are awesome about having a vagina. Dealing with period pain is not one of those things. Some people experience such severe cramps that they’ll cancel all their plans and curl up with a bottle of ibuprofen and “Friends” reruns (hi — it me).

IUDs Are Ridiculously Effective At Preventing Pregnancy, Just So You Know

Elite Daily - July 2019

You’re in for some good news — it’s a super effective choice, reducing your risk of pregnancy by more than 99%, according to Planned Parenthood. But it’s still not for everyone, so before you run to your doctor requesting one, here’s everything you need to know.

‘The Bachelorette’s Hannah B.’s Thoughts On Sex & Religion Make Me Feel Seen

Elite Daily - July 2019

Like Hannah, I grew up in the South, competed in pageants, and felt an overwhelming pressure to be perfectly poised and articulate at all times. And I, too, felt shame about my sexuality for many years.

Pageantry Gave Me Lasting Body Image Issues, But I’m Still Glad I Did It

Elite Daily - July 2019

The night before a show, I used to cover my stomach with lotion and wrap it in plastic wrap while I slept — a trick I learned from a friend to help sweat off my water weight. To this day, my inner critic won’t let me off the hook when I want to eat junk food or take a rest day.

FYI: Condoms Aren’t As Foolproof At Preventing Pregnancy As You Might Think

Elite Daily - July 2019

It’s probably one of the first methods of birth control you learned about in your childhood or teenage years, not to mention the most widely accessible choice. But just how effective are condoms at preventing pregnancy? The answer might surprise you.

How Does Texting Change Throughout A Relationship? A Linguist Explains

Elite Daily - June 2019

When I’m first getting to know someone, I often find myself overthinking every single text I send to them. Anybody feel me here? For instance, I sometimes dial back the number of emojis I send, or wait a certain amount of time before I respond to a message.

Where Does The Term “Ghosting” Come From? Hannah VanderPoel Created It Because She’s Been There

Elite Daily - June 2019

Ghosting has become so central in our modern dating language that it’s hard to imagine a time before the term existed. Hannah VanderPoel, a 31-year-old New York-based writer and cartoonist, remembers noticing the problem without being able to put words to it.

5 Misconceptions About Female Sexual Pleasure, Busted By A Sexpert

Elite Daily - May 2019

Popular culture and the media are filled with mixed messages about sex. Songs and movies often emphasize how mind-blowingly awesome it can be… but at the same time, quality sex education is severely lacking in the United States.

Can You Get Birth Control Without Your Parents Knowing? It Depends, But Here’s How

Elite Daily - May 2019

The decision to start taking birth control is a big one, and especially if you don’t have much experience dealing with health insurance, it can be intimidating. Can you get birth control without your parents knowing, even if you’re still part of their insurance plan?

Is Hormonal Birth Control Safe? Here’s What Experts Say You Should Know

Elite Daily - May 2019

It feels like the list of available options just keeps growing (which is wonderful!), but so does the collection of myths floating around. Is hormonal birth control safe? Does it affect your body differently than other forms of contraception?

Here’s How The Psychology Behind Hinge’s New Design Will Help You Find Love

Elite Daily - April 2019

Here’s something I’ve always thought was ironic — dating apps, which are intended to help us meet people IRL, can sometimes cause us to spend more time on our phones.

The Psychology Behind Breakup Sex Explains Why It Can Be So Confusing

Elite Daily - April 2019

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a heated breakup with bae. Both of you are upset, tears have been shed, and you’ve been talking in circles for an hour. As tough as this is, though, you know it’s the right move to end your relationship.

Here’s How Ben Higgins Knew He Was Ready To Start A New Relationship Post-‘Bachelor’ — EXCLUSIVE

Elite Daily - March 2019

Ben Higgins is no stranger to sharing his heart in a public way. The former Bachelor has always been honest about his feelings — even when it means he’ll inevitably face criticism. (ICYMI: He famously broke from tradition by professing his love to both Lauren Bushnell and Joelle Fletcher before the final rose ceremony.)

The Problem With Disney Princesses Is Their Narrow Definition of “Happily Ever After”

Elite Daily - March 2019

Here’s the not-so-magical truth behind Disney fairytales: The expectation that “someday my prince will come” disempowers women from living lives on their own terms, or from seeking out romantic relationships that make them feel like equal partners.

Southern Christian Purity Culture Affected My Views On Sex & I’m Still Working Through It

Elite Daily - February 2019

Young women need to hear that their bodies are beautiful, miraculous things and that their sexuality is something to celebrate — in whatever way feels right to them. This would have changed my life as a teenager.

When Should You Take A Pregnancy Test? 3 OBGYNs Break It Down

Elite Daily - February 2019

No matter how careful you are, things happen, and sex doesn’t always go as planned. What should you do in these situations? Suddenly, you find yourself wondering when you should take a pregnancy test and whether this means you should low-key start to panic.

When Does The Period Emoji Come Out? I Can’t Bloody Wait

Elite Daily - February 2019

Giving periods a super public symbol like an emoji is a great reminder that half the population has them and we should clearly be able to talk about that. Why are we stigmatizing something that is so universal and so natural for the human body?

What’s Speed Dating Really Like? I Tried It & Learned The Most Surprising Lesson

Elite Daily - January 2019

“So, what do you like to do for fun?,” my date asks and I immediately panic. I showed up here with big expectations, but now it’s 10 seconds into Date One and I fear this was a terrible mistake. He looks at me expectantly as I clutch my $5 house white wine and take a sip.

How Accurate Is The Sex Therapy On Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’? A Sex Therapist Weighs In

Elite Daily - January 2019

It’s one of those shows that brings you right back to your teenage years, when the prospect of dating was fraught with confusion, nerves, and stress about your experience (or lack thereof). It’s honest in its approach to teen sexuality, but just how accurate is the sex therapy?

How Running Helped Me Rebuild My Relationship With My Dad

Greatist - November 2020

Crossing the finish line of that marathon taught me about my own resilience. But maybe the biggest thing running has shown me is what it looks like to love someone. Like a lot of things worth doing, it hurts.

Biology, Funding, and Ego Slow Quest for Male Birth Control

Rewire.News - August 2018

It’s the pill that changed history for women, opening up unprecedented opportunities to build a life unrestricted to marriage and motherhood. Since its launch in the early 1960s, the birth control pill has expanded our understanding of what is possible in modern relationships. But what about options for men?

I Tried Naked Yoga & Have Some Thoughts To Share

Greatist - March 2018

“You have to look totally unbothered,” I tell myself. “It’s worse if people notice that you’re nervous.” What I’m trying so hard to forget is that in a matter of minutes, I’m going to see these people naked. Every single one of them.

An Unexpected Side Effect Of Running

Greatist - March 2018

Running feels like taking back my power in a world that says, “You exist to be looked at and desired and wanted by someone else.” I run because my muscles, my breath—even my soul cries out for it. Feeling strong as a woman allows me to believe, for a moment, that I don’t have to fear.

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