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The Indigenous Woman Leading the Fight to Save the Arctic Wildlife Refuge

Women's Media Center (FBomb) - November 2020

For Bernadette Demientieff, the Arctic was never just some far-off region portending the coming horrors of climate change. Fort Yukon, Alaska, is home to her, and warming temperatures have long been a devastating reality.

Meet The Environmental Organizer Making Waves In Tennessee’s Senate Race

Supermajority News - September 2020

Marquita Bradshaw is a 46-year-old community organizer who made history as the first Black woman to receive a major party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Tennessee. We spoke about about her activist career, being a “first,” and why we all need to vote this fall.

Gasping For Air: The Truth About COPD & Climate Change

HealthCentral - August 2020

Climate change is dangerous for everyone, but it’s particularly dangerous for the 16 million Americans living with COPD. Rising temperatures, increasing humidity, and soaring summer pollution all conspire to not only increase symptoms but also hospitalizations, and even deaths.

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