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The Knot & Pinterest Will Limit Their Promotion Of Plantation Weddings

Elite Daily - December 2019

Pinterest and The Knot Worldwide will lessen the promotion of plantation weddings on their sites in an effort to discourage the support of venues that once housed slaves, according to a Dec. 4 report by BuzzFeed News.

According to 3 (S)experts, Here’s How Often Most Couples Have Sex

Greatist - December 2019

Picture this: You’re at brunch with your squad after weeks of trying to get everyone together. The mimosas start flowing, the gossip gets thrilling, and inevitably the conversation takes a very *ahem* personal turn.

I Tried Mandy Moore’s Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe & Things Got Messy

Elite Daily - November 2019

Thanksgiving is the ideal excuse to subject your favorite people to your baking endeavors, regardless of whether they’re actually any good. My family can tell you all too well how often I’ve done this, to varying results.

Here’s What To Consider Before Announcing Your Breakup On Instagram

Elite Daily - November 2019

Lauren, 20, just wanted the freedom to move on from her recent breakup. She dreaded having to rehash the split over and over to friends who’d inevitably ask how her boyfriend was doing.

Most People Use Dating Apps For Validation — Is That Bad?

Elite Daily - November 2019

On the heels of a bad breakup, Kristina, 27, wasn’t ready to find a new partner just yet. She wanted an easy, drama-free way to boost her confidence — so she downloaded Tinder Gold.

Pageantry Gave Me Lasting Body Image Issues, But I’m Still Glad I Did It

Elite Daily - July 2019

The night before a show, I used to cover my stomach with lotion and wrap it in plastic wrap while I slept — a trick I learned from a friend to help sweat off my water weight. To this day, my inner critic won’t let me off the hook when I want to eat junk food or take a rest day.

How Does Texting Change Throughout A Relationship? A Linguist Explains

Elite Daily - June 2019

When I’m first getting to know someone, I often find myself overthinking every single text I send to them. Anybody feel me here? For instance, I sometimes dial back the number of emojis I send, or wait a certain amount of time before I respond to a message.

Where Does The Term “Ghosting” Come From? Hannah VanderPoel Created It Because She’s Been There

Elite Daily - June 2019

Ghosting has become so central in our modern dating language that it’s hard to imagine a time before the term existed. Hannah VanderPoel, a 31-year-old New York-based writer and cartoonist, remembers noticing the problem without being able to put words to it.

5 Misconceptions About Female Sexual Pleasure, Busted By A Sexpert

Elite Daily - May 2019

Popular culture and the media are filled with mixed messages about sex. Songs and movies often emphasize how mind-blowingly awesome it can be… but at the same time, quality sex education is severely lacking in the United States.

Here’s How The Psychology Behind Hinge’s New Design Will Help You Find Love

Elite Daily - April 2019

Here’s something I’ve always thought was ironic — dating apps, which are intended to help us meet people IRL, can sometimes cause us to spend more time on our phones.

The Psychology Behind Breakup Sex Explains Why It Can Be So Confusing

Elite Daily - April 2019

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a heated breakup with bae. Both of you are upset, tears have been shed, and you’ve been talking in circles for an hour. As tough as this is, though, you know it’s the right move to end your relationship.

Southern Christian Purity Culture Affected My Views On Sex & I’m Still Working Through It

Elite Daily - February 2019

Young women need to hear that their bodies are beautiful, miraculous things and that their sexuality is something to celebrate — in whatever way feels right to them. This would have changed my life as a teenager.

When Does The Period Emoji Come Out? I Can’t Bloody Wait

Elite Daily - February 2019

Giving periods a super public symbol like an emoji is a great reminder that half the population has them and we should clearly be able to talk about that. Why are we stigmatizing something that is so universal and so natural for the human body?

What’s Speed Dating Really Like? I Tried It & Learned The Most Surprising Lesson

Elite Daily - January 2019

“So, what do you like to do for fun?,” my date asks and I immediately panic. I showed up here with big expectations, but now it’s 10 seconds into Date One and I fear this was a terrible mistake. He looks at me expectantly as I clutch my $5 house white wine and take a sip.

How Running Helped Me Rebuild My Relationship With My Dad

Greatist - November 2020

Crossing the finish line of that marathon taught me about my own resilience. But maybe the biggest thing running has shown me is what it looks like to love someone. Like a lot of things worth doing, it hurts.

I Tried Naked Yoga & Have Some Thoughts To Share

Greatist - March 2018

“You have to look totally unbothered,” I tell myself. “It’s worse if people notice that you’re nervous.” What I’m trying so hard to forget is that in a matter of minutes, I’m going to see these people naked. Every single one of them.

An Unexpected Side Effect Of Running

Greatist - March 2018

Running feels like taking back my power in a world that says, “You exist to be looked at and desired and wanted by someone else.” I run because my muscles, my breath—even my soul cries out for it. Feeling strong as a woman allows me to believe, for a moment, that I don’t have to fear.

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