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19 Hours With StripTok’s Kayla Ann

Bustle - April 2022

Kayla Ann decided at 15 years old that she wanted to be a stripper. “I was always the flirty girl in high school, and I liked big heels and it just made sense,” she recalls. She started pole-dancing classes at 16, then got her dancing license in California the day after her 18th birthday. “I just loved it,” she says now, years later. “I couldn’t go back to a normal 9-to-5 after that.”

Does ‘The Ultimatum’ Love Traditional Marriage Or Hate It?

Bustle - April 2022

The Ultimatum’s focus on monogamy — while using polyamory to create drama and move the plot forward — strikes an ironic chord similar to that of The Bachelor franchise. Both shows put traditional marriage on a pedestal and recruit contestants who ascribe to that ideal, then ask them to practice non-monogamy in service of ultimately finding “the one.”

Deepti Vempati Knows Her Worth — And Wants You To Believe In Yours

Elite Daily - March 2022

f there’s one thing pretty much everyone can agree on right now, it’s that Deepti Vempati is reality TV’s current it girl. Over 10 episodes on Love Is Blind, millions watched as Vempati got engaged to Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, then persevered through an increasingly rocky relationship as Chatterjee made critical comments about her appearance behind her back.

What Makes A Voice Sexy, Anyway?

Bustle - November 2021

For 27 blissful hours in the fall of 2020, I listened to Barack Obama narrate his latest memoir, A Promised Land. I don’t normally gravitate toward audiobooks, but the moment I learned it was Obama himself doing the narration, I downloaded the Audible track faster than you can say “my fellow Americans.” I’d be lying if I said I listened to Obama’s book for any other reason than this: His voice is incredibly sexy.

2 Relationship Experts Break Down What Happened Between Greg & Katie On “The Bachelorette”

Elite Daily - August 2021

Even in a situation this complicated, one thing is obvious: Conflict resolution is a skill that matters a lot in romantic relationships. The more earnestly you navigate these tough conversations with your partner (and the more you examine your own blind spots), the better prepared you’ll be to avoid a worst-case scenario.

Karamo Brown On His Experience Living With Migraine

HealthCentral - January 2021

Here’s something you might not know about Brown: He has been living with migraines since he was in high school. Growing up, he dealt with stigma from friends and family who didn’t understand the severity of his condition. “When it comes to migraine, it’s more than a headache,” he says. “It’s debilitating in so many ways.”

Chadwick Boseman & The Rise of Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer

HealthCentral - September 2020

On August 28, Boseman died after a four-year battle with colon cancer he never spoke publicly about, leaving his fans and colleagues reeling at the unexpected loss of a man whose career was just beginning.

If You’re Comparing ‘The Bachelor’s Madison & Luke P., You’re Missing 1 Big Thing

Elite Daily - February 2020

Despite the obvious parallels, Madison and Luke P.’s views on sex are different from each other in one really crucial way, and they highlight an important facet of navigating differences in expectations regarding sex in relationships.

FYI, There’s A Term For What Victoria F. Did To Peter During Hometowns

Elite Daily - February 2020

An unexpected turn of events led to a blow-out fight during which Victoria gaslit Peter when he attempted to understand more about her romantic history. Gaslighting is a classic indicator of a toxic relationship.

Hannah Godwin’s Quote About Falling For Dylan Barbour Is The Cutest — EXCLUSIVE

Elite Daily - January 2020

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour didn’t have your typical “boy meets girl” love story. They met on the set of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, and fans of the show will remember that their relationship was anything but certain at first.

JoJo Revealed How She & Jordan Knew They Wanted To Get Married & I’m Crying — EXCLUSIVE

Elite Daily - October 2019

This couple has been blessing my life with cute content ever since they got engaged on JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette back in 2016. They’re currently in the midst of planning their wedding, which will reportedly take place sometime next year.

I Tried On Neil Lane Rings & Felt Like A ‘Bachelor’ Winner

Elite Daily - October 2019

I’ve been watching the Bachelor franchise for years, and although I love the drama, there’s one more thing I can’t get enough of: the engagements. (Yes, I’m that girl at the watch party who can be found not-so-subtly trying to hide her watery eyes.)

Neil Lane Reveals How He Helps ‘Bachelor’ Stars Choose The Perfect Ring — EXCLUSIVE

Elite Daily - October 2019

If there were an award for the most underrated star of Bachelor Nation, it would definitely go to jeweler Neil Lane. Every season, Lane meets with the final few contestants as they prepare to propose, and he helps them choose a ring to go along with that special moment.

Betty Who Reveals Her First Rule-Breaking Moment

Elite Daily - September 2019

Betty Who remembers the exact moment that kicked off her rebellious streak. She was in eighth grade, a student at an all-girls Christian boarding school outside Sydney, Australia, and she wanted another ear piercing.

Hannah G. Reveals The Secret To Making Her Relationship With Dylan Work — EXCLUSIVE

Elite Daily - September 2019

After months of having to keep their relationship private, Godwin is excited for her future with Barbour. And what does that future look like? “Just continuing to support each other in every aspect of life, which is career but also going on this crazy path together,” she explains.

‘The Bachelorette’s Hannah B.’s Thoughts On Sex & Religion Make Me Feel Seen

Elite Daily - July 2019

Like Hannah, I grew up in the South, competed in pageants, and felt an overwhelming pressure to be perfectly poised and articulate at all times. And I, too, felt shame about my sexuality for many years.

Here’s How Ben Higgins Knew He Was Ready To Start A New Relationship Post-‘Bachelor’ — EXCLUSIVE

Elite Daily - March 2019

Ben Higgins is no stranger to sharing his heart in a public way. The former Bachelor has always been honest about his feelings — even when it means he’ll inevitably face criticism. (ICYMI: He famously broke from tradition by professing his love to both Lauren Bushnell and Joelle Fletcher before the final rose ceremony.)

The Problem With Disney Princesses Is Their Narrow Definition of “Happily Ever After”

Elite Daily - March 2019

Here’s the not-so-magical truth behind Disney fairytales: The expectation that “someday my prince will come” disempowers women from living lives on their own terms, or from seeking out romantic relationships that make them feel like equal partners.

How Accurate Is The Sex Therapy On Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’? A Sex Therapist Weighs In

Elite Daily - January 2019

It’s one of those shows that brings you right back to your teenage years, when the prospect of dating was fraught with confusion, nerves, and stress about your experience (or lack thereof). It’s honest in its approach to teen sexuality, but just how accurate is the sex therapy?

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